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Polaris Environment
About Polaris Environment

Polaris Environment offers a wide range of environmental products, services and expertise

Polaris Environment offers environmental consultancy services, often integrated across many disciplines. We offer expertise during the consultation and decision making processes at the start of any project as well as advice, assessments and monitoring during the operational stages. We provide a wide range of services to business, central and local government and regulatory bodies.

We are aware of the pressures on business and other organisations to meet increasingly stringent and wide-ranging legislation, to meet stakeholder expectations and to deliver high standards of environmental performance alongside financial success and social accountability. Polaris Environment can help organisations to meet both their environmental obligations and their business aspirations.

Underpinning the delivery of all our environmental services are our values of innovation, professionalism and the need to provide practical solutions to often complicated technical problems.




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You can e-mail us at:

Polaris Environment International
Head Office - 28034 - Madrid - Spain
United Kingdom Project Office - London - W9 - UK
Scandinavia Regional Office - 5035 - Bergen - Norway